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The use of colour in interior designing in Zimbabwe

In this blog post I will focus on colours, this is a area that we help our clients a lot. While we do not do tiles, ceilings or do painting and other things, we give advice to clients on colours to choose from when making choices on interior decor.


Think of colour as a tool that you can use in your house design to achieve not only the style you desire, but also the mood you want to feel. Over the past few decades, the idea of colour psychology has gained traction in many industries. Scientists have found that even though our perceptions of colours may be subjective, there are some colours that have universal meanings and effects on us. There are also superstitions that go with many colours, though it’s beyond my scope in this article.

Most people think design and colours was brought by whites. But colours have been used since time immemorial in Zimbabwe. Though they did put dye in the soil they also choose different soil colours to bring beauty into home designs

Regardless if you have a dull kitchen that could use a boost of energy, or a hectic kitchen that desperately needs some tranquillity, painting a wall or adding a decorative pop of colour can mean all the difference – especially in terms of your sanity! I will cover many colours till I finish this series of blog posts, and how you can use them in your home to stimulate the perfect mood for you and your family.

Lighting will help to have a bright kitchen and show all the colours in the house. Talking of lighting, I will talk about lighting your house in future articles.

There are several variations of red, and it can be broken out into many different categories, here we are going to focus on two varieties: bright red and deep red.

Bright red is a stimulating colour that conveys courage. It’s perfect for instances where you want to raise your self-confidence. Be aware though, too much bright red can leave you feeling over-excited or even agitated. So, it can be a good idea to be sparing. If you choose bright red for your house, try to balance it out with some cool, calming colours, too. Done call it colour blocking and we also do that all in an effort to bring out beauty.

Deep red ignites passion. Use this hue to overcome emotional blockages, or when you feel stuck in a rut. It can be helpful if you are having trouble expressing yourself, and can even liven up the libido! If you’re feeling burnt out on cooking, for example, you could add some darker red decor to your kitchen to reinvigorate your culinary pursuits.

Red is popularly the colour of love, red is everywhere especially on valentine’s Day. I am not talking about valentine’s today but just colours in general.

Red was and still is used in our traditional kitchens in rural areas of Zimbabwe. Most kitchens in rural areas mostly have red.

What do you think of pink?
Pink is connected to the heart. It is a soothing colour that promotes love, tenderness, and appreciation for beauty. It can be a very comforting colour, and works great in the capacity of increasing a person’s willingness to be receptive and sympathetic. Flowers, rugs, and other decorative accents are wonderful ways to tastefully integrate pink into your home. This can be used it in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. At Kitchentech we can give you more ideas of how to incorporate pink in the house and always remember you choose and all we do is to give you advice.

Orange is the colour of confidence, laughter and celebration. This vibrant hue can add youthful exuberance to your life, and literally make you feel a little younger. Orange also benefits your ability to confidently express yourself in any situation. If your kitchen isn’t inspiring positivity in you and your family’s lives, then add a warm terracotta coloured wall, or perhaps some wall art, or just a nice orange vase can help to encourage more joyful and pleasant social interactions in the kitchen.

You can incorporate all the colours in many ways, painting, tiles or things like curtains, and simple things like vases. Such things can help you to change the colour from time to time depending with your preference at the time.

This bring me to the end, what do colours mean to you! Leave a comment below. Look out for part two of this article.

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