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About Us

Kitchen Tech. Your Design Partners

About Us

Kitchen Tech is a well-established kitchen and home furnishing business mainly focusing on transferring world class designs and development. Our main aim is to bring about value addition to our treasured clients through aesthetic modern designs of excellent quality from all over the world at an affordable price. Kitchen Tech team comprise of professional designers, a remarkable marketing team, architects and carpenters. The kitchen tech team has its customers at heart and always advises and guides customers to the last and best. The best team always has a duty to make their customer’s dreams come true further more reminding them that a kitchen and home of beauty is joy forever.

We are able to provide 3D designs which gives both the client and the designers with lots of room to alter designs, fittings, finishes and granite tops before making any final decisions. The 3D design licensed software will provide realistic visuals which enable our production team to work on the project within a seven day period during stipulated working hours.
To ensure a high quality final product, Kitchen Tech has an on-site team comprising of architects and carpenters who are in a position to survey sites and give advice upon electrical and plumbing alterations and to oversee the measurements of all accessories and appliances to be fitted. Our intention is the provision of high quality, modernized designs and real design feel from the first world countries to the Southern Africa Region as a compelling Brand. Modernized and first world class designs will cover the gap between technologies that have existed within the African Continent. The product we offer will be at a competitive price that will be accompanied by excellent quality.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of products and services that covers a full solution of not only fitted kitchens but a wholistic approach to creating a beautiful home. We increased our product range by offering a full solution. We have a full range of skills under the Kitchen Tech, offering the following services:

• Kitchens
• Built-in cupboards for Bedrooms and Walk-in- closets
• Bars
• Vanities
• Studies
• Interior designing
• Custom shop fitting
• Office partitions
• Laboratories
• Sculleries and Laundries
• Receptions


To create a compelling brand name of kitchens and furnishing products of innovative technologies of 21st century driven by the world’s transition.

Mission Statement

To be highly customer centric in the provision of high quality and modernized kitchens and wider range of furnishing products at an affordable price adhering to global evolution of technology that brings forth a world class home.

Core Values

These are major key drivers that builds up the Kitchen Tech to deliver value to their respective customers. The core values are made from the word TECH.

We have reputable staff who are always eager to engage in data mining in terms of all new and trending technologies in world market. We invest more in finding new innovations that suits our clients so that they will not be lagging behind.

We are skilled and proficient in everything that we set ourselves to do. Employees of the company are men and women of good
ethics, whose actions shall always be above board. We follow business ethics and are guided by different codes of practices
as they apply to different aspects of our operations.

We have made it an organisational culture to always put our customers at heart, as we still believe in the old saying ‘A Customer is a King’. We have even taken it a step further by making our customers our life blood as Kitchen Tech is a human body with which without blood, we cannot live. We take care of clients by committing ourselves to the work and
all the concerns of our customers before we hand over the final product.

We are honest and truthful in all that we do. What we promise is
what we deliver. Our management and employees are reliable, honourable, dependable and of good public stranding.


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